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Bald Cypress Books is now a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the largest publishing trade organization in the United States. The not-for-profit association offers a wide variety of benefits to members, including education, networking opportunities, discounts on industry services, awards, and a monthly magazine.

Members sign a code of ethics, pledging:

  • To uphold the highest standards of our industry, to create works of lasting financial and/or cultural value, and to pursue editorial, design, and production excellence.

  • To respect the rights of authors and other creators and stakeholders, to observe all copyright laws and conventions, and to never knowingly publish plagiarized work.

  • To reward authors and contributors for their work, to be honest in our financial dealings, to write contracts in understandable language, to resolve all disputes promptly and fairly, and to foster equal opportunity in our workplaces.

  • To not mislead readers or buyers with false promises, inflated sales data, or manipulated reviews.

  • To recycle and reuse and to follow green practices.

Joining IBPA will give Bald Cypress Books access to more tools and useful information as we grow as a publisher.

- Chris

Publishers Weekly ran an interesting story last week about book sales in 2020; contrary to conventional wisdom, books are selling pretty well. 191 million ebooks contributed to the surge, but, surprisingly, print sales also shot up meaningfully.

"Print sales rose 8.2% over 2019, the largest annual increase since 2005, and the print total of 751 million units sold was the highest since 2009, the year before e-books started to become a meaningful part of the book business."

Read the full article.

- Chris

There is an excellent piece about Bald Cypress Books in today's edition of the Delaware State News, written by long-time local journalist Glenn Rolfe. I spoke with Mr. Rolfe last week about my interest in writing and book publishing, my mission, my process, and my plans for the future. The article leaves no stone unturned in covering not only the release of my latest book, but everything about what I'm doing, and why. It's a fantastic example of a journalist digging deeper than the press release and discovering the bigger story, and I'm grateful for the coverage.

You can find the article in the print edition of the paper, or online.

- Chris

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