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When I founded Bald Cypress Books last year, I intended to publish a book I’d been working on for some time—The Roofed Graves of Delmarva—and wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Writing a book is difficult in and of itself, but turning the finished manuscript into an actual book—formatting the text and designing a cover so that a printer can produce a physical book—is a different kind of learning experience. After I published my first book, I knew that I wanted to write and publish more books in the future, but I was also interested in reprinting rare historical works. Recently I added a second title to my catalog: Military Interference With the Election in Delaware, November 4, 1862, last printed in 1863. I published both hardcover and paperback editions of the book, which was another learning experience.

It is largely due to my satisfaction with the quality of the Military Interference book, as well as my excitement about a number of other projects which are still in the works, that I can comfortably announce that Bald Cypress Books will welcome submissions from other authors in 2021.

Publishing another writer’s work will be another learning experience for me, so what this really means is that I’m interested in discussing potential projects with writers who are willing to be reasonably flexible as we navigate the process together. Any topic relating to the history, folklore, or culture of the Delmarva Peninsula or any of its many communities is welcome. Ability to write is less important than the value of the information being presented; a personal journal could be a complete mess while nonetheless containing important details about people, places, events, and customs. My goal is to preserve little slices of Delmarva history in print, not to publish the next great American novel.

Books published by Bald Cypress Books are printed by IngramSpark and distributed to major retailers, including, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. I receive quarterly payments based on net sales, and have drafted a simple author’s compensation plan which would have to be tweaked for each project. However, authors who are comfortable participating in book signings, or giving presentations about their work, can earn considerably more by selling copies directly.

Please submit queries, manuscripts (partial or complete), or questions to

- Chris Slavens

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