'Military Interference' hardcovers are temporarily out of stock

The last remaining hardcover copy of Military Interference With the Election in Delaware, 1862, was purchased yesterday. There are still a few paperbacks in stock, and I'm expecting another box of freshly printed paperbacks to arrive next week.

Rather than remove the hardcover option from the online store, I will continue to accept preorders, and will fulfill them as soon as more hardcovers arrive. Please be aware that this might not be until February. Printer/distributor IngramSpark is still reporting an estimated print time of six weeks for hardcovers, although the last batch I ordered only took three weeks. Either way, the delay is highly unusual, and probably related to Covid-19 restrictions. Shipping is also taking a bit longer than usual.

Hardcovers and paperbacks are also available via major online retailers like, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, but orders placed through their sites will be affected by the same printing delays.

- Chris Slavens

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